Rebate Program Frequently Asked Questions

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Property owners within the City of Los Angeles with sidewalks that are not compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements are eligible to participate.  Ownership will be verified and tax reporting information will be collected. For businesses, tax standing with the City of Los Angeles will also be verified. The Sidewalk Repair Rebate Program is for voluntary sidewalk repairs - any sidewalk work mandated by a building permit or other similar requirements is not eligible for the rebate. 

Yes, provided you meet the other eligibility requirements, you are eligible to apply for the Rebate Program.  However, It is essential that you do not complete the sidewalk work under your previous Class A-Permit because that would prevent us from being able to properly assess the property and determine the eligible rebate amount, and therefore would make the repair ineligible.  Instead, please apply for the Rebate Program and follow that process which will provide a Rebate Offer and will walk you through the steps of creating a new “no fee” Class A-Permit which will be linked to your Rebate Offer.

Unfortunately, construction completed prior to the start of the Safe Sidewalks LA Rebate Program on December 1, 2016, is not eligible, nor is any work completed after that date if it was not completed as a part of a Class A-Permit linked to an official Rebate Offer. If there is currently any remaining sidewalk fronting your property that is not ADA compliant, you may still apply for the Rebate program to receive a Rebate Offer to complete any work necessary to make the sidewalk ADA compliant provided all other eligibility requirements are met.

Yes. The property owner will have to submit separate applications for each property.

The Rebate Program is limited to the repair of sidewalk within the public right-of way in the City of Los Angeles. The covered repairs include any section of sidewalk not in compliance with the 2010 ADA regulations.   

Applicants will need to submit a request to participate in the Program by completing a Service Request through MyLA311. Applicants are encouraged to apply online using the MyLA311 web application or via the MyLA311 mobile application. Applicants can also apply by calling 311. Those requiring assistance can get help in person at a Bureau of Engineering District Office. Following is more information on these application options.

The City will respond to each request in the order it is received.

All communications in the rebate application process are handled via e-mail.  If you do not have access to e-mail please contact your Council District Office and they will arrange to enter the application for you and relay all communications. Click here to find out which Council District your property is in, and click here for the Council Directory.

A City representative will visit the eligible site to determine which elements of the sidewalk are required for repair.  Based upon ADA criteria, the representative will determine the required scope of work and corresponding rebate offer.

The rebate offer is calculated by multiplying the quantities of required work elements by the associated rebate unit costs. To see a detailed breakdown and procedure for the rebate offer, go to: UPDATEDRebateSchedule

Yes, the maximum amount eligible is listed as follows effective August 25, 2023:

The maximum amount eligible between August 1, 2017 through August 24, 2023:

The maximum amount eligible before August 1, 2017 is:

One or more parcels serving a single purpose will be treated as a single Lot in determining the Rebate cap.

There are multiple deadlines involved that must be met to retain eligibility in this Program.

Please complete and mail or hand deliver to:

City of Los Angeles

Board of Public Works

200. N. Spring Street, Room 356

Los Angeles, CA 90012-4801

Mail Stop 464

A Class A-Permit (LAMC 62.106.a) is issued only for the repair, construction or reconstruction of curbs, sidewalks, driveway approaches or gutters, and work appurtenant to the foregoing, or work within a public easement, where the work contemplated is limited in extent and can be constructed to match existing grades without a survey or engineered plans.

Class A-Permits obtained for sidewalk repair work through the Rebate Program will have their fees waived. For more information about Class A-Permits, please visit the Bureau of Engineering website at

Driveways that are not in compliance with ADA requirements for the sidewalk portion of the driveway will be eligible for replacement up to the property line as necessary to make the sidewalk ADA compliant. Driveways that intersect sidewalks must have a 4-foot wide walkway with a cross slope no greater than 2% to be in compliance with ADA requirements.  Whether the apron portion of a driveway is eligible for a rebate will be determined when the City representative assesses the sidewalk adjacent to the property. If the driveway apron must be altered to make the sidewalk ADA compliant, the apron portion will be included in the rebate. Aprons are not eligible in cases where the apron is damaged but the sidewalk itself does not need repair or the sidewalk can be repaired without altering the driveway apron.

A contractor with an A, C-8, C-12, or C-61:D-06 license in the state of California is required to perform the work. The contractor’s license number must be provided before a Class A-permit for construction is granted. The applicant will hire a licensed contractor of their own choosing to perform the work.

If you are having trouble finding your own contractor with the necessary license, you can search the Contractors State License Board here. You can also view a list of contractor's with the appropriate license here. If you would like to hire one of these contractors, please contact them directly and obtain their quote and contractor's license from them.

No, payments for construction work are the responsibility of the property owner.

Yes, once the City inspector verifies the work performed is ADA compliant, a Certificate of Compliance will be issued. From the date of issuance, a warranty repair period of 20 years for residential properties, or 5 years for commercial and industrial properties will commence, with a limit of one warranty repair by the City. Upon expiration of the warranty period, or a single repair by the City within the warranty period, responsibility of sidewalk maintenance will be transferred to the property owner.

There are many factors that can affect liability. Therefore, we cannot answer this question.

A City Arborist shall determine the necessary street tree work required to complete the sidewalk repair. This could include actions such as, but not limited to, enlarging the tree planting area, root pruning, or removal. If the street tree can be retained by root pruning or enlarging the planting area, the City Arborist will provide written instructions describing the work to be done. If the street tree requires removal, City policy requires two street trees be replaced for every one street tree removed. A City Arborist shall determine the street tree replacement locations. One street tree replacement shall be located at the tree removal location at the property owner's cost, if adequate space exists. The Board of Public Works will coordinate the planting of a second replacement tree pursuant to the City's Urban Forestry policies and programs.

Eligibility for the Rebate Program is contingent upon complying with the street tree recommendations made by the City Arborist for the sidewalk repair at your property.

A tree stump removal will receive a standard $279 rebate per stump (eff. August 25, 2023), up to the rebate cap amount. See #10 for rebate cap amounts. A street tree replacement will not be required when a stump is removed.

Trees located on private property are not eligible for a rebate. However, if the City representative determines that the private tree requires any work, it will be necessary for that work to be completed by the applicant in order to be eligible for the rebate.

The standard plan for sidewalk design and construction shall be used:

The Rebate Program is anticipated to be a multi-year program, subject to funding availability. The Program may be funded from various funding sources.

​Any dispute regarding the eligibility of an owner to participate in the Rebate Program, the expiration of a rebate offer, the rebate offer amount or any condition imposed for a rebate can be appealed to the City Engineer, or Designee. Appeals related to applications that have been denied for eligibility or that have expired must be completed and submitted through a provided link in the body of the email within 14 calendar days. Appeals submitted outside of this appeal period will not be considered. The City Engineer’s determination on appeals will be final.

Properties zoned in a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ) may require additional approvals. Please visit for more information.

To receive a Rebate, the entire sidewalk fronting the property must be fully ADA compliant when the Rebate is issued. 

The Sidewalk Rebate Program is designated for the repair of existing sidewalks. New sidewalk construction is not eligible for a Rebate. 

Applicants are placed on the wait list when all the available funds have been reserved. Funding becomes available when applications are canceled or withdrawn. As funding becomes available, applications will be moved off the wait list and processed in the order received. 

Visit and enter your address for more helpful information about your neighborhood.